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5 “T” strategies for promoting student mental health

Three and a half minute animated video describing ways that teachers can incorporate mental health practices into everyday classroom activities. Adapted from our How can we incorporate mental health education into schools? Consider the 5 Ts blog ...
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How to incorporate social-emotional learning into instruction

Three-minute animated video with tips for classroom teachers. Content adapted from our blog post, How can we incorporate mental health education into schools? Consider the 5 T’s ...
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Classroom Strategies: Build Equity into SEL Efforts

Strategies for bringing an equity lens to SEL

Social-emotional learning (SEL) programs are more likely to be successful with all students when they are grounded in strategies that promote equity. Equity means ‘leveling the playing field’ and creating a culture where all students feel fully included, respected, represented, and valued. Here are a few strategies that start in ...
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SEL Program Criteria Infographic horizontal

Criteria for selecting a social-emotional program

Standalone SEL programs or curricula build students’ social-emotional skills separately from main instructional time. To implement standalone SEL programs, typically teachers or other qualified school staff members, such as counselors or school social workers, receive training in the curriculum and allot time during the school day to teach a series ...
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Infographic: Incorporating social-emotional learning (SEL) into everyday academic instruction

Strategies for incorporating SEL into instruction

One approach to teaching social-emotional skills in the classroom is to integrate SEL into everyday academic instruction. Rather than teach social-emotional skills independently of academic skills, many teachers and administrators are trying to implement SEL throughout the school day. Here are several useful strategies identified in these resources that teachers ...
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Pyramid multi-tiered systems of support

Multi-Tiered Systems of Support pyramid

MTSS stands for multi-tiered systems of support. It is a framework to provide academic and behavioral supports for all students based on their individual needs. Because different students have different strengths and needs, tailored levels of support are more likely to help them succeed in school. Content excerpted from our ...
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5 T's for Mental Health Education in Schools Infographic

5 T’s for Mental Health Education in Schools infographic

We’ve identified 5 “T” strategies for states, districts, and schools to consider as their educators join the movement to promote and support student mental health: talking, training, teaching, tools, and taking care. Content excerpted from our blog post, How can we incorporate mental health education into schools? Consider the 5 ...
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Photo of diverse kids

How can we help young children struggling with parental substance use?

See NEW resources from our partners at Sesame Street in Communities that offer resilience, hope, and optimism for young children and families ...
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Starting School Poster

Nervous about school starting? You got this!

It's a new school year! Take good care of yourself first. Eat breakfast, meditate for 10 minutes, breathe. Connect with somebody. Say hello to the person in the next seat or passing you in the hallway. We're all having this day; let's do it together! ...
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