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The SRI Student Behavior Research Team has created this site to provide the latest information about evidence-based approaches to support all students’ positive behavior, mental health, and well-being. Our blog posts focus on district-, school-, classroom-, and student-based interventions and impacts, including informal tips, interviews, and findings from our own research and evaluation projects, as well as perspectives from our partners on the ground. We also discuss various relevant and recent “hot topic” issues in education to bring you fresh information in a direct and digestible way.

We hope that our site provides useful and timely information about how to support and promote positive learning environments, based on the diverse expertise, experiences, and perspectives of practitioners and researchers in the field. As such, our site is intended to reach people and organizations who work in school communities, such as educators, parents and caregivers, counselors, social workers, and the students themselves.

If you are interested in working with us on a research or evaluation project or providing your own thoughts about our blog posts, we look forward to hearing from you!