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How to Really Include Student Voice: Lessons from Youth-Led Focus Groups

Authors : Adrienne Woods

In fall 2022, the SRI research team worked with a student-led advisory group as part of our work with Santa Clara County Office of Education to assess the behavioral health needs of children and youth. This blog post, one in a series, provides the participating youth’s perspectives on conducting and learning from student focus groups.

Which Kindergarteners are at Risk of Being Bullied and/or Becoming Bullies, and What Can Educators and Parents Do About It?

Authors : Adrienne Woods

Bullying occurs when children experience unwanted and aggressive behavior from more powerful peers repeatedly over time.

Top 5 Myths About SEL and Exclusionary Discipline

Authors : Adrienne Woods , Daniel Cohen , Michelle Woodbridge

CASEL defines social-emotional learning (SEL) as “…the process through which young people and adults acquire and apply the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that help us to understand ourselves, connect with others, achieve our goals and support our communities”.