Kate Borelli

5 T’s for Mental Health Education in Schools infographic

Authors : Kate Borelli

We’ve identified 5 “T” strategies for states, districts, and schools to consider as their educators join the movement to promote and support student mental health: talking, training, teaching, tools, and taking care. Content excerpted from our blog post, How can we incorporate mental health education into schools? Consider the 5 T’s.

How can we help young children struggling with parental substance use?

Authors : Kate Borelli

  See NEW resources from our partners at Sesame Street in Communities that offer resilience, hope, and optimism for young children and families.  

Nervous about school starting? You got this!

Authors : Kate Borelli

It’s a new school year! Take good care of yourself first. Eat breakfast, meditate for 10 minutes, breathe. Connect with somebody. Say hello to the person in the next seat or passing you in the hallway. We’re all having this day; let’s do it together!