Evaluating the Fit of EBPs for Schools

Authors : Elaine Mulligan

Dr. Michelle Woodbridge advises on what types of evidence are meaningful and relevant when selecting interventions. This video was produced by the 3C Institute. Additional resources on cognitive behavior interventions can be found on the Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in Schools  (CBITS) program website. Resources for trauma-informed schools can be found on the Treatment and … Continue reading Evaluating the Fit of EBPs for Schools

What does our Student Behavior Research Team study?

Authors : Yunsoo Park , Tali Klima

More than one of every five students has, or is at risk for, an emotional or behavioral disorder which can adversely affect earning and relationships. We study several types of school-wide and classroom-based programs to support students with emotional, social, and behavioral issues, and these are the most common types that we study…