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Academic outcomes

Academic outcomes are the range of cognitive, academic, and school-related effects produced by a program or intervention.

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How schools can get started with Positive Behavior SupportsHow schools can get started with Positive Behavior Supports

Dr. Carl Sumi, an expert in student behavioral research and interventions discusses positive behavior interventions and supports. This video was produced by the 3C Institute. Additional resources on cognitive behavior interventions can be found on the Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in Schools  (CBITS) program website. Resources for trauma-informed schools can be ...
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Strategies for bringing an equity lens to SELStrategies for bringing an equity lens to SEL

Social-emotional learning (SEL) programs are more likely to be successful with all students when they are grounded in strategies that promote equity. Equity means ‘leveling the playing field’ and creating a culture where all students feel fully included, respected, represented, and valued. Here are a few strategies that start in ...
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