Mental Health

What a long, strange trip it’s been

Authors : Editorial Team

Going back to the classroom this year will be tough. That’s why we’re focusing on bringing you resources to help with recovery from all sorts of trauma.

Reflecting on a year of distance learning as teachers plan for school reopening

Authors : Maddie Cincebeaux , Kirby Chow

After over a full year of school closures, several teachers and school administrators are busy preparing for the long-awaited return to in-person classes this fall. But while worries of student learning-loss, momentum, and social-emotional well-being remain at the forefront of parent and school administrators’ concerns, the significant impact that this past year had on teachers cannot be overlooked.

Statewide Evaluation of the California Mental Health Services Authority’s Prevention and Early Intervention Initiatives

Authors : Patti Schank

Contract (funded by California’s Proposition 63 funds) with RAND Corporation to evaluate and provide technical assistance to Suicide Prevention, Stigma and Discrimination Reduction, and Student Mental Health initiative programs Lead Investigator: Michelle Woodbridge Funder: RAND Dates: 2012-2015