Carl Sumi


W. Carl Sumi, Ph.D., manages the Behavior Research group at SRI International. Sumi is principal investigator of the Institute of Education Sciences (IES)-funded efficacy study of Foundations, a program to support schoolwide positive discipline and of the effectiveness study of Tools for Getting Along, a social problem-solving intervention for elementary school children. He is also principal investigator of Project SECURE, funded by the National Institute of Justice to evaluate a multitiered trauma-informed system in a large urban school district.

Talking to School Staff and Leaders about PBIS: Describing PBIS in a Simple and Logical Manner

Authors : Carl Sumi

Presenters: Terrance Scott and W. Carl Sumi. Sometimes it’s difficult to succinctly describe what it means to be a PBIS school. This presentation provided a big picture context for PBIS, breaking it down to its simplest essential features. Issues of equity and dignity were also addressed.

Effectiveness of Tools for Getting Along: Teaching Elementary School Students to Problem Solve

Authors : Carl Sumi , Jennifer Nakamura

Presenters: W. Carl Sumi and Jennifer Nakamura. This presentation described results from an effectiveness study of the Tools for Getting Along (TFGA) social problem-solving program. The findings from this effectiveness study indicate that the TFGA program has robust positive impacts across student demographics, geographic locales, and socio-economic levels. TFGA is effective in strengthening students’ executive functioning and social skills, which are important components of social problem-solving.

Social-Emotional Learning Program Study: Tools for Getting Along

Authors : Jennifer Nakamura , Carl Sumi , Michelle Woodbridge

After a turbulent 2020-2021 school year, it is more important than ever that educators have feasible and effective options to support students’ foundational social-emotional skills. Prior studies have found that students who participate in social-emotional learning (SEL) programs improve their behavioral and academic functioning and reduce their challenging behaviors.1 When selecting an SEL program, educators … Continue reading Social-Emotional Learning Program Study: Tools for Getting Along

Why work with us? Because we know what works!

Authors : Carl Sumi , Michelle Woodbridge

Our team works with state and local education agencies to select, implement, and evaluate programs that meet their high priority education needs. Whether you’re a school leader or teacher, an intervention developer, or a funder looking to invest in effective behavior management and socioemotional interventions, you’ll find a variety of benefits of partnering with us.

Meet our Student Behavior Research Team

Authors : Michelle Woodbridge , Carl Sumi

In this first blog entry, we introduce our research team and describe why we love our work so much. Our team of researchers, evaluators, and technical assistance providers brings a wealth of expertise, with a common emphasis on the social and emotional well-being of children from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds.